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Evos Ghent 

Large-scale multi product terminal in North Sea Port highly integrated with its customers via pipelines and connections by road, rail and inland waterways.

Evos Ghent is a hub for jet fuel and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) with CEPS connection and excellent road and rail connections to all West-European airports. In light of the ongoing energy transition, we have integrated our terminal with several pipeline connections in the upstream and downstream infrastructure of our local biofuels/renewable & chemicals partners. Located amidst North Sea Port, we offer excellent import & export services by sea, road, rail and inland waterway connection.

With our strong focus on safety, sustainability and customer intimacy, we guarantee peace of mind to our customers in everyday handling of their liquid bulk products. Based on over 70 years of experience and the highest safety & operation standards, we ensure the safe & reliable delivery of our customer’s products.

Capacity 1,007,237cbm / 6,335,520.54 barrels
Tanks 68
Tank types Carbon steel
Tank size From 804 to 56,549 cbm / from 5,057 – 355,693 barrels
Access Barge, Vessel (60,000 dwt), Pipeline, Truck, Rail
Draught 12.5 meter
Berths for barges 6
Berths for vessels 2
Products Petroleum products, Chemicals, Biofuels, Lubricants
Services Blending, Heating, Denaturing, Nitrogen blanketing, Additivation, Homogenizing, Filtration
Terminal Type Import/Export
Address: Evos Ghent nv.
Moervaartkaai 12
9042 Ghent
Phone: +32 934 227 27

General contact

Phone: +32 934 227 27

Commercial contact

Name: Erik Bogaert
Phone: +32 934 227 43